I have a knack for fonts and typefaces. Below is a list of my favorites:

  • This is a Microsoft proprietary font. I have used it for the title of the blog. This is the closest it gets to my handwriting. Looks good, eh? šŸ˜„

  • Lato
  • Used in the body of the blog, this open source sans-serif typeface is pleasing to the eye.

  • Monotype CorsivaĀ®
  • Another of Microsoft's proprietary fonts. I use it for my poems.

  • Pacifico
  • A tiny bit heavier than the others, but good for headings.

  • Calligraffitti
  • I like the extended curving of the tails. Used this in the home feed.

  • VerdanaĀ®
  • Yet another of Microsoft fonts. Nice and simplistic sans-serif. I like it plain, without bold.

  • LucidaĀ® Handwriting
  • Again Microsoft's. The slanting gives a personal touch. The glyphs are lucid as the name goes. My favorite font for writing letters. Mistral I use for the headings.

  • Calibri
  • The best known of the Word font collection. Must use for drafts.

  • ArialĀ®
  • Another by Monotype, this is the font one sees on google. The best typeface available for the academia. I like it regular.

  • ParchmentĀ®
  • For the regal times. The best for anything immense.

  • PapyrusĀ®
  • When I need the feel of handmade paper. A widely used calligraphic typeface.

  • Courier
  • A monospace typeface that provides the type writer look. Great for writing stories.

  • GeorgiaĀ®
  • Appealing to the eyes. Good for writings that need a thorough reading. Owned by Microsoft.

  • HelveticaĀ®
  • Popular sans-serif typeface. Suited for general use on the web. From Mergenthaler Linotype Company. Not available in MS Office.

  • Vivaldiā„¢
  • When it needs to be extreme calligraphic. Looks cool on invitation cards.

  • Arvo
  • Nice when the size is large and weight is not bold. The square serifs are pleasing.

  • Times New RomanĀ®
  • First designed by Monotype in the 1930s, this is the most widely used font in the world. Newspapers are type set in the Times.

  • Comic SansĀ®
  • Microsoft's proprietary font that makes everything seem playful. Also one of the few fonts available on Gmail.

  • Other open source fonts from The League of Moveable Type and the Indian Type Foundary.
  • Raleway
    Fanwood Text
    Linden Hill
    League Script
    Sorts Mill Goudy
    Goudy Bookletter 1911